August 13, 2007


Posted in MSG Unsafe Products at 11:39 am by msgsafe

About two months ago, I decided to get serious about avoiding MSG. I’ve known I was MSG-sensitive for about three years, and avoided most things that specifically listed MSG as an ingredient (I miss Ramen Noodles!), but I still walked around every day with a headache. I guess I figured it was stress, lack of sleep, etc. Then I read an article on a possible link between MSG sensitivity and depression and things clicked. I printed off a copy of the hidden MSG list and started cleaning out my pantry.

For the first time in years, I don’t have that background headache – and amazingly, I’m dealing with life a lot better.

So, I had dinner at Culvers recently, after checking out their menu online and verifying that they don’t use MSG (Yeah Culvers!) – and woke up with a massive headache the next morning! The only thing I had eaten that I couldn’t verify was the ketchup. So I tested my theory with homemade fries and store bought ketchup. Theory confirmed. One of those “natural flavors” listed in the ingredients list is a headache-inducer.

Luckily, I’ve found a few homemade ketchup recipies on the ‘net.  I’m fiddling around with them, trying to get a recipe that doesn’t end up with an overpowering cinnamon taste after sitting overnight.  I’ll post my final recipe once I’m happy with it.

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