August 13, 2007

Pizza Hut is relatively safe

Posted in Fast Food, MSG Free Restaurants at 11:23 pm by msgsafe

The really nice thing about Pizza Hut is, they list MSG on their allergen/sensitivity list.  And they list both products with MSG and products prepared in shared equipment with MSG products.  Here’s what’s NOT safe to eat from pizza hut:

  • Ham and Cheese sandwich
  • Supreme sandwich
  • Wings
  • Chicken munchers
  • Salad dressing

The following list is prepared on shared equipment – so if you’re especially sensitive, you may react to these items:

  • White pizza sauce
  • Meat pizza toppings
  • All the PastaBakes products
  • Crushed red pepper

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  1. Zee said,

    PIZZA HUT: I wrote the Home Office and was sent a list of ingredients. It indicated that the only thing I could safely eat was the pizza crust! MSG was contained in the sauces, the meat products and the cheese.


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