About Freedom From MSG

The goal here is to catalog and report on products and restaurant foods that are safe for people with MSG sensitivity to eat. I’m MSG sensitive, and I like to eat out – and I flat out refuse to accept that the two are mutually exclusive. Yeah, it means calling corporate HQ before I go out to dinner, and asking my poor confused waiter or waitress to check the ingredients with the chef before I can order, but that’s life. I figure, if I’m doing all that research anyway, I might as well share it.

Everything listed here is my own research, either trial and error or from the companies themselves.  The information is accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time I post it.  Unfortunately, companies have a habit of changing their formulas without telling anyone, so please don’t take the information here as a substitute for reading labels carefully.



  1. Jenny Nichols said,

    THANK YOU!!!
    I am MSG sensitive in a huge neurological and toxic way!! Yet I love to eat out. I have been doing a lot of the same research with corporate offices of restaurants in my area (South Florida). I will be happy to share my findings as they come in.

  2. Tricia Ballad said,

    Thanks Jenny,

    Your information would be great! I’m finding that a lot of food companies are changing their recipes lately to include soy lechthin too, so up to date information on ingredients is always helpful.


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